Accreditation Surveys 2018

This survey is now CLOSED.

Thank you for participating in the Accreditation surveys! Your engagement is crucial to Pacific Learning Academy’s growth and I truly appreciate your time! The survey questions you will see today are determined by AdvancED, the accrediting organization, so don’t be surprised if the questions are designed more for larger schools with a building and large classrooms. ** Please let your child know that the survey should be answered with ONLY Pacific Learning Academy courses in mind and should not reflect their feelings about any other educational setting or school. **

There are three survey links below, two for each student and one for the parent(s). Each survey is short but we do recognize that it might take a minute to get oriented. Plan on 3-5 minutes for the student surveys and 2-3 minutes total for the parent survey. All surveys are 100% anonymous (the URL is the same for everyone) and we hope to have full participation within the next week or so. Remember to sign our guestbook to let us know you’ve completed these (and we’ll make sure to stop reminding you to take the surveys!). If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Simply reply to the email you received!

  • Student: Climate and Culture for Middle and High School Students. This survey will ask students for demographic information, how they would describe their interactions with teachers, and how they would describe the physical location of their lesson.
    Estimated time to complete is 4 minutes.
  • Student: Middle and High School Student Inventory. This survey will also ask for demographic information (because it is anonymous, some elements will be exactly the same as the other survey). This survey is CREATED for LARGE schools, so it’s ok to write “never” if the questions don’t pertain. When the survey gives you the option of “all of my classes” – you might think of that in terms of “the time in my one class at Pacific Learning Academy” (if you’re only taking one).
    Estimated time to complete is 3-4 minutes.
  • Parent: Climate and Culture Survey for Parents. This very quick survey asks parents to describe the kinds of things teachers at the Academy are saying to students. It asks you to describe what you child is doing, and to describe your interactions with Academy staff (which can include the teacher, your academic coordinator, or anyone you’ve ever been in contact with at the Academy). Estimated time to complete is 1-3 minutes.

Thank you again for being a part of Pacific Learning Academy’s re-Accreditation process. Your time is so very much appreciated! When you have completed your surveys, please sign our guestbook so that we can be sure to thank you!

Kirsten O’Malley, Founder/Executive Director
Pacific Learning Academy

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