Group Study for FINAL EXAMS: June 13th (Saturday)

Final exams are upon us!

Register now for Group Study! Students meeting with an instructor

An effective study group, led by an experienced Pacific Learning Academy instructor, will help you prepare for finals by:

  1. answering your questions
  2. helping you master tough concepts
  3. reminding you of what you already know!
  4. reminding you of what you don’t know (sorry!)
  5. helping you prioritize your study

PLA study groups are for students who attend the Issaquah, Lake Washington, Snoqualmie and Bellevue School Districts.

**Pro-tip: If you already have a study guide, forward it to us and we’ll make sure we have practice prepared for that particular guide.

Register now: https://www.pacificlearningacademy.com/tutoring/group-study/
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June 1, 2015
Pacific Learning Academy