SAT/ACT: How do you choose?

About 70% of students will score better on either the ACT or SAT, but they don’t know that until it’s too late. After 5 years of families asking us “Which test is best for my child?” PLA is excited to announce our comprehensive SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test. Which Test is best? You won’t truly know until you’ve taken the diagnostic, a 4-hour proctored mock test that replicates the questions and conditions of the real SAT and ACT* tests. Within a week of taking the test, families receive an in-depth analysis of their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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The 9-page report each family receives not only gives a recommendation of which test would best show of their child’s strengths, but also gives a skill-by-skill run-down of what topics the student missed on the test. It’s a great outline for future self-study, or to hand over to a test prep tutor to prioritize lessons.

Here’s a testimonial for our SAT prep work!

Test prep can be expensive — this diagnostic is a way to save time, effort and money before the real effort of SAT or ACT* tutoring begins. Some students may find that NO tutoring is necessary, while still other families can literally save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly prep aimed at the WRONG test for their child.

* The ACT has been accepted by EVERY 4-year university in the country since 2007. It is no longer the case that universities “prefer” one test over the other!

February 20, 2012

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