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Pacific Learning Academy’s diagnostic comparison test helps students and their families choose between the SAT and the ACT.

Historically, 70% of students nationwide have done better on either the SAT or the ACT, and the best time to learn that is BEFORE you invest in test prep!

The Academy SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparison test mimics the testing situation your student will find on the real tests, all from the comfort of your Sammamish or Issaquah home (or nationwide for our students out-of-state). With a combination of SAT and ACT-type questions, this 4-hour experience will make clear which test best showcases a student’s strengths. The results allow families to pinpoint study areas, save time and money in the prep process, and start off with a realistic baseline to know if your prep is actually making a difference!

Our Sammamish and Issaquah SAT/ACT tutoring students have asked:

  • Can I just study for both?  The Academy recommends you use the diagnostic test results to choose and commit to only one test. Although the two tests do have some things in common, they are different enough that you’ll want to dedicate all of your time to just the ONE test that you’re planning on taking.
  • Are some colleges only taking the SAT?  Every 4-year college in the USA accepts either the SAT or the ACT. That has been true since 2007, when the ACT included a writing section. If you’re curious, you can check out the average scores of the students that attend each college (at their websites) to determine your own goal scores.
  • Do I have to do my SAT or ACT tutoring at your Sammamish school office?  Once you’ve taken the diagnostic comparison test, the results are yours to keep. While we would love the chance to work with your student to improve skills and scores, your 9-page report can be used for self-study or use with the tutor of your choice. We’ll make sure you thoroughly understand the report, and its implications for getting better scores!
  • How long are the SAT or ACT test prep programs?  SAT/ACT test prep tutoring programs may be built around your timeline and preferences. Most students choose to attend once-per-week for up to 3 months before they take their first test, and then continue to build on that prep after they have their first scores. However, the Academy does not have a minimum, so you are welcome to see us for just a few hours of prep, depending on what you have time for!
  • Do I have to take one of these tests? I heard schools are test optional.  Up to 80% of colleges are now test optional, although many are adjusting temporary policies after year two of the Covid pandemic. Be sure to check if your college(s) are truly test-optional for your graduating class. The nice thing about the Pacific Learning Academy fear-free diagnostic is that you can determine if your scores will make a great addition to your application, even if a school is test optional.

Comparing SAT/ACT scoresSince 2012, Pacific Learning Academy has been providing Sammamish and Issaquah students a chance to determine their scores in a fear-free setting, either in our Sammamish school office or for home-proctoring that can be tackled when it’s most convenient. The Academy also offers test prep (Math, English, Reading, Science) tutoring for students in Sammamish, the Eastside, and even nationally (for those students joining us for personalized lessons online).

The test itself is a great value ($100 or less) and includes a free 15-minute phone call with us to explain the diagnostic report and how to use, whether the student pursues tutoring with us or elsewhere.

Here’s the link to learn more and register: https://www.pacificlearningacademy.com/tutoring/satact-diagnostic-testing/

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August 24, 2022
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