SAT/ACT Diagnostic Testing

Find out which test is right for your child in ONE sitting!

  • Historically, 70% of students have done better on either the SAT or ACT.
  • The SAT has moved to become more similar to the ACT, but there are still many differences. 
  • In just one test families will know which is best for their child.
  • Our Diagnostic Comparison Test includes a 9-page analysis of strengths and weaknesses in each subject as well as a follow-up phone call at no additional charge to discuss how to best utilize your report.
  • Save time and money by using your results to target only the skill areas your child needs for the test that best matches their abilities.
  • Pacific Learning Academy no longer offers SAT/ACT test prep, but your report is yours and can be shared with private tutors, test prep services, or as an aid to self-study. 

Note: The SAT is changing! In Spring 2024, the SAT will become a shorter, adaptive and digital test. The diagnostic test we currently offer is ONLY FOR STUDENTS who will take the test in 2023. 

Take the Diagnostic Comparison in the Convenience of Your Home

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparison test mimics the testing situation your student will find on the real tests. With a combination of SAT and ACT-type questions, this 4-hour experience will make clear which test best showcases a student’s strengths. The results allow families to pinpoint study areas, save time and money in the prep process, and start off with a realistic base line to know if your prep is actually making a difference!

Cost: $100 for non-Academy students or $75 for Academy families.
Location: Your home (self-proctor)
How: Register below and a member of our team will supply you with the diagnostic and bubble sheet via email. Return the bubble sheet and have your results in days. After receiving your results, one of our team members will schedule a call to make sure you know how to best use the results report in next-step preparation plans. 

Did you know?

  • Up to 80% of all public and private colleges are now “test optional” or even “test blind.” The trend toward optional began even before Covid-19. Be sure to check if your college(s) are truly test optional, or only test optional for certain graduating classes. Certain scholarships, financial aid, and programs may still require a test. 
  • Student athletes should check with the NCAA on requirements. The NCAA temporarily waived requirements due to COVID-19 and indicated they may make the move permanent. Until then, take the test. 
  • All WA State colleges are now test optional. CA State colleges are test blind.
  • If your diagnostic comparison test baseline scores are high, you might choose to take the real SAT or ACT and include them in your application, even for test-optional schools. 
  • Every 4-year college in the USA (that requires a test) accepts either the SAT or the ACT. That has been true since 2007, when the ACT included a writing section. If you’re curious, you can check out the average scores of the students that attend each college (at their websites). We recommend that a student’s goal score is above the average of the score of the incoming freshman attending their target college.
  • The College Board updated the SAT in 2016 to a test that is more similar to the ACT. They then partnered with www.KhanAcademy.org to offer free supplemental materials and practice sections online. In the Spring of 2024, students in the United States will switch to an adaptive digital test that may be up to half as long in duration. Early feedback is that students greatly prefer it to the longer version. This diagnostic does NOT report scores based on the digital test. 
  • Students who take the current Pacific Learning Academy SAT/ACT diagnostic comparison test should know that we are prepared! Our Diagnostic is always fully updated and continues to reflect the changes and updates in both the ACT and SAT. 
  • We will be discontinuing this service in the fall of 2023 as it best fits students who are taking either the ACT or the SAT before Spring 2024.

This form will take you to PayPal for final payment. Please read our cancellation policy before registering! Please choose from one of the “Current Client” choices in the drop down below if your child is currently working (or has worked) with a Pacific Learning Academy tutor.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for a purchased SAT/ACT diagnostic comparison exam, but the home-proctor option does allow you to choose the date that works best for your family and your student. We don’t currently have an expiration date on the home-proctored diagnostic, but it’s a test that we update often and we always prefer our students take the latest version. If it has been more than two months since you purchased your diagnostic but have not yet taken it, please check with the office to see if a new version is available and to talk about extending the time before submitting your answer key.

For self-proctor options, you may take the test on the day and time of your choosing. However, to best mimic the SAT and ACT testing conditions, we recommend you choose an 8am Saturday start time!

Note on Accommodations: If your child is eligible for accommodations on either the ACT or SAT, your student should mimic the accommodations most likely given by the ACT or SAT (or even use different accommodations on the SAT vs the ACT sections).

  • PLA email, Peachjar, teacher, Issaquah Schools Foundation news, district news, PLA website boom bar, past or current client (who?), for example!
  • Does your child (or will your child) have IEP/504 accommodations in place? Please let us know. These accommodations may be honored when taking the actual SAT or ACT as well as this diagnostic comparison test. (note: no accommodations are available for the group diagnostic we offer at the Academy office (pre and post Covid).
  • Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Academy will not hold group proctoring until we have deemed it completely safe to do so. Thank you for understanding! For Diagnostic dates, families who have never used Pacific Learning Academy’s services should choose from the “Non-Client” options. Current and past clients may both choose “Academy family” options. For home self-proctor dates, choose from the HOME proctor and the non-client or Academy client options.
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