Are you ready for your GPA protection plan?

Is it time to have someone else negotiate homework? We’ve been there before and helped over 1700 local students reach their goals. We live here, we know our community, and we love opening doors to students that previously looked closed.

Students who participate in 1-on-1 academics soar past their classroom counterparts with national averages close to the 90th percentile. Academy families experience increased confidence, better grades, higher scores, better chances at college scholarships, less stress. We want THAT for your child, too! Hear from happy families here.

Positive learning experiences and personal 1-on-1 attention help students overcome difficulties, grow in self-confidence and earn success. We also energize good students, helping them to expand their capabilities and experience a greater sense of accomplishment. We support students in AP and IB designated courses, as well as students who have IEPs or 504s.

With no registration fee, no long-term contracts and a 100% guarantee that your instructor will be the perfect match, you have nothing to lose. There are no “canned programs” here – every program is designed with your child’s needs and goals in mind. We are student-centered, flexible, and we can modify our programs at any time to meet new priorities as your child learns and grows.

Unlike other tutoring services, our staff undergoes year-round training in learning differences, teaching techniques, study skills options, and more! Instructors are not independent contractors, but fully-fledged employees. This means they are trained, supported with resources and materials, and every student’s program is monitored by a Pacific Learning Academy administrator.

We are the ONLY Washington State Approved Private School that can bring all of these elements to your kitchen table, public library, or location of your choice.

Instructors and Staff June 2021

Pacific Learning Academy