High School Credit

Pacific Learning Academy provides support and guidance to students seeking alternative credit options. Many of our students are currently enrolled at a local high school, but have arranged to take 1st or 6th period off to study for an “outside credit” with the Academy, or meet with us during after-school hours. Other students may transfer credits to the Academy and eventually graduate under our diploma.

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Students taking classes at Pacific Learning Academy for high school credit can expect to finish their entire year at an accelerated pace – one of the many benefits of one-on-one learning! From summer intensives to more relaxed winter-month programs, students can work at the pace that fits their learning style AND their educational goals.

Graduating from the Academy

The Academy offers fully accredited courses that honor the family and student’s right to an individualized education while ensuring a student is on pace with peers and able to continue in their studies at their school of record. Students learn content, fill in gaps, and preview the next level up to ensure a successful transition back into their high school’s curriculum, or into the next level course at the Academy.

Learning at Your Own Pace

Pacific Learning Academy offers individually designed classes in all subjects 6th-12th grade that not only teach to your child’s abilities and interests, but fulfill high school graduation requirements and are accepted by colleges (to fulfill admission requirements, or just to impress them!).

The Lucarelli Family: High School Credit

The mission of Pacific Learning Academy is to provide alternative, one-on-one education to students, empowering them with mastery of the subject matter by matching the student with highly professional, well trained and caring adults experienced with the curriculum and alternate educational scenarios.

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