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Schedule your free consultation to discuss your child’s needs! An academic coordinator will follow up to hear your story, determine if the Academy meets your student’s needs, and act as your personal academic concierge. We know that every family is different, and every student needs a unique solution. 

The Academy could be the right fit if:

  • You’re interested in summer school on YOUR schedule!
  • Regardless of age, your student is at the 6th to 12th grade level in any subject.
  • You’d like your graduating senior to prepare for placement exams or brush up on study skills before college.
  • You’d like in-home or in-person lessons in Sammamish or Issaquah.
  • Your family lives anywhere in the world and would like personalized Zoom sessions.
  • You love the personalized efficiency of 1-to-1 learning with a dedicated professional.
  • Your student needs an accredited private school that offers single courses, dual enrollment, or accelerated graduation.
  • Your student would like to improve a grade, needs credit recovery, or would like to tackle a course with more support than is available in your school’s classrooms.
  • Your busy life would benefit from a lesson schedule with openings 7 days a week.
  • Your student athlete needs to take coursework that has been approved by the NCAA for division I and II eligibility.

Note: This is not the form to fill out if you are interested in working for the Academy! Please follow this link to apply.

This form is the easiest way to get started, but if you’d like to speak with someone by phone, call 425-562-3545 Monday through Thursday. You may also email us at: Info (at) PacificLearningAcademy.com

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