Courses & Accreditations

Imagine earning high school credit for an activity you already enjoy! Volunteering in your community? Exploring job opportunities or an internship? In a band or playing on a team outside of school? Pacific Learning Academy not only offers the classical core curriculum but the opportunity to design the elective of your dreams.

OSPI Approved Private School Accredited by AdvancEDNWAC accredited NCAA approved



Pacific Learning Academy is a Washington State Approved Private School via the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI — see listings HERE) and an Accredited private school via AdvancED/Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). High School coursework is approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The mission of Pacific Learning Academy is to provide alternative, one-on-one education to students, empowering them with mastery of the subject matter by matching the student with highly professional, well trained and caring adults experienced with the curriculum and alternate educational scenarios.

The Academy offers the following courses, as well as individually-designed and customized courses. All Sciences are considered Lab Sciences, and Foreign Language for other languages besides French and Spanish may be available.

Music Appreciation, Art History Occupational Education: Careers, Personal Finance, Study Skills

Middle School Courses

English 6-8

Math 6-8

Science 6-8

Social Studies (6)

US History (7)

WA State History (8)

High School Courses

English 9-12

Math: Pre-Algebra to Calculus III

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

World & European Studies

US History

Spanish, French

Students capable of high school level work may take high school credits in middle school. Popular options are World Language and Math.

Individually designed electives courses may be designed on a case-by-case basis around the interests/needs of the students. May include Keyboarding, Technology, Website design, Speech.

*World Language level 5, while not having the AP designation, is designed to support advanced Spanish students in preparing for the AP Spanish exam.

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