Dual Enrollment

A student may be happy at the school he attends, but may also need specialized attention in just one or two courses. With Dual Enrollment, your child gets the best of both worlds! Dual-enrolled students are taking credits at their school of record, but also taking courses “outside” to round out their graduation requirements, enhance their college chances with additional coursework, or retrieving credits they missed the first time around.

How does it work?

  1. Talk to your Pacific Learning Academy academic coordinator about options for your family. We are happy to tell you about PLA credit class offerings as well as other choices you may not know about! We can also tell you about the limitations and policies in place in your child’s home district.
  2. *Obtain permission from your child’s high school counselor. The Academy fills out the Lake Washington permission forms (since they ask detailed questions about curriculum), but students/families can fill out Issaquah District forms on their own. Bellevue forms are HERE. Either way, school permission should be obtained before starting your Academy course.
  3. Your child works 1-on-1 with an Academy instructor and once the coursework has been completed, we send an official transcript to your child’s school of record. You also get a copy, and then have up to 9 more copies you can request for free once your child is in the college application process.
  4. Your child’s school of record adds the Academy class/credit to their transcript to count toward graduation or as a prerequisite for the next level course.

* Yes, you can take a PLA course without seeking permission from your school. IF the class is not necessary for graduation (a 3rd year of Spanish, for example), you might not bother. However, colleges do like to see outside credits reflected on the school of record’s transcript. We can walk you through this on the phone.

From credit retrieval options to college-prep courses that will enhance your child’s learning as well as their transcript, Pacific Learning Academy brings the joy of learning to your kitchen table. Education by Design has never been so convenient.

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