“Thank you for the wonderful teachers you have placed my daughter with for her PLA classes. She is learning how to prepare for her classes and how to essentially just study. These are learnings that she couldn’t learn from us for whatever reason. I am most grateful and hopeful for the remainder of this school year!” – Elizabeth G., Snoqualmie

“My daughter’s tutor was so helpful! Thanks to his help, my daughter earned one of the highest grades in her class on her spring sophomore project!” – Karen M., Sammamish

“My son is really enjoying working with his tutor – he is challenged, but liking that. It is wonderful to see my son excited about something academic!” – Susan B.

“As you know, my daughter completed her Math Analysis course with PLA and earned an A. Amazing! What a difference the right teacher and some attention can make. And, for the record, [her tutor] has been fabulous for her. He’s patient, attentive, focused and can relay the subject matter well. Particularly important to my daughter was to not feel judged about her bad math grades, and he managed to make her feel comfortable and not judged at all. And obviously, with the right tutor, she ended up doing quite well in Math – this will go a long ways towards restoring some of her confidence in her own abilities. A+ and my thanks to him!” – Monika T., Redmond

“Our daughter is feeling more confident after working with our PLA tutor. She has given our daughter the tools and skills she needs to succeed on her tests and helped assuage her anxiety. Our daughter is taking her quizzes with more self-assuredness and has raised her Algebra 2 grade from a C to a B! She is very pleased.” – Therese Mille, an Issaquah mom

I wanted to send a big thank you for your support last year.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  My daughter felt very prepared to take AP Chemistry this year based on her tutoring from PLA last year. She has a strong foundation to build on and feels confident from her success last year. Just wanted you and her tutor to know! – The Merz family, Issaquah

We were pleasantly surprised that our son’s SAT score went up by so many points. We had a “dream score” that he should achieve and he did it! – Laverta Dauterman, Sammamish, WA

The best part of all the tutoring has been the confidence it has given my son and he feels accountable for his grades. They have helped him with the knowledge and getting organized, but he still had to do the work, which he is doing now without much push!!! – Mike Griffith, an Issaquah Dad

My son wanted to take Math Analysis over the summer so that he could get ahead in math. He was very happy and relieved to have that opportunity. He was FULLY prepared for Calculus AB in the fall and earned a 99.9% in the class. – A Sammamish Mom

This is the third year we have been using PLA tutors, and we’ll be back again next year! It gives me peace of mind to know that my son has weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help him with his school work. – An Issaquah Mom

I can cook dinner while he is getting the professional Math help he need. All the tutors were so nice and helpful. They really care. – Sandra C., Sammamish

With the help of the Pacific Learning Academy team, our son went from a struggling student earning D’s and even F’s, to a confident young man earning A’s and B’s in the very same subject. – W of Sammamish

Our child’s tutor had her coming home literally “singing” after the first session because she finally understood her current Algebra II/Trig. – The McCaffreys, Issaquah


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