Instructor Positions

Welcome to the Academy!

Thank you for your interest in working with Pacific Learning Academy!
We have a great team excited to work with you! Currently we are hiring for long-term, part-time instructors. We hire for all subjects throughout the year as our students are on rolling admission. We tutor and teach all core courses (English, Science, History, Math, Foreign Languages) as well as electives that match student interests and instructor capabilities.

Upon hire, all instructors go through a paid orientation and training, including observing previously-recorded sessions to get a sense of how we do things here, both for comfort and consistency. Pacific Learning Academy offers their clients tutoring, test prep, and 1-on-1 customized middle and high school accredited classes. You do not need certifications to teach a credit class, but you must have empathy, curiosity and a deep knowledge of your subject matter.

All lessons are conducted either in the 1-on-1 or shared lesson format, meaning you’ll be customizing each of your lessons to just one student (or two) that you get to know extremely well over the year.

If you think you can tutor more than 1 subject, be sure to indicate that on your application as we are able to accommodate and give priority to multi-subject instructors!

Pacific Learning Academy

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