Coffee, anyone?

Local high school teachers treated to hand delivered coffee drinks.

Pacific Learning Academy hosted a coffee cart at Issaquah High School to thank the teachers and staff for all that they do.

As a former classroom teacher (Alaska, Vermont, Japan, Mexico, and Argentina), PLA owner Kirsten knows how intense the first few days of school can be. Sometimes something as simple as a cup of coffee can make a difference (and help with focus!). To thank teachers and staff for all their hard work and effort throughout the school year (we share MANY students with area schools!), Pacific Learning Academy loves any chance to host a coffee cart at local high schools to say thank you and brighten our teachers’ day.img_2442

On Tuesday, August 30, Pacific Learning Academy, returned to Issaquah High School for the third time. IHS staff completed their orders online and Kirsten and her team delivered the drinks.

It’s a simple gesture, but is very gratifying. Kirsten states, “I love these type of events. We feel good showing up with caramel macchiatos and hot chocolates, sharing our appreciation for all that our classroom teachers and local staff do. Seeing the smiles on their faces when delivering their coffee drinks is such a joy. It’s probably my favorite community service of the year!”

Pacific Learning Academy also hosts a coffee cart for Issaquah High School during Staff Appreciation Week in May and at other local high schools as well.

Special thanks to JD Wyneken, one of PLA’s instructors and instrumental to our success that day, and Deyon Johnson, who owns Gourmet Espresso Catering. She’s not only a great businesswoman, but makes the best dang coffee ever! (visit Gourmet Espresso Catering to learn more!).

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September 25, 2016
Pacific Learning Academy