Supporting the Issaquah Schools Foundation

We can all make a difference in the lives of local students.

Congratulations to the Issaquah Schools Foundation for raising over $735,000 through their fundraising efforts at the Nourish Every Mind Breakfast and Luncheon events.

Kirsten O’Malley, Executive Director of Pacific Learning Academy, was offered the opportunity to speak at the Breakfast and shared how she was impacted as a child by the mentors in her community. In her speech, she expressed the following:

“I hope that by looking at me you can tell that I had some AMAZING teachers that I still call friends today. That I was encouraged to write, to do Math, to take AP courses, even to tutors others. I do hope that by looking at me, you can tell that the adults in my community created a world of safety at school, options in academics, and mentored the heck out of me.”

As a proud supporter and in her ninth year as a member of the Issaquah Schools Foundation board, Kirsten has had the distinct pleasure of giving her time and financial support so that EVERY student in this district has the same opportunities she did.

The Issaquah Schools Foundation funds programs that advance academic achievement, support struggling students, promote professional development and connect students to their futures. For more information, visit https://isfdn.org/our-purpose.

Pacific Learning Academy is a one-on-one school offering single courses and dual enrollment, as well as full-time middle and high school. We also offer tutoring in all subjects from 6th to 12th grade, including test prep, either in-home or local libraries across the Eastside (Issaquah, Sammamish, etc…). See more at www.PacificLearningAcademy.com.




May 25, 2016
Pacific Learning Academy