Why now?

After 7 years of providing tutoring and academic support to Eastside families, The Learning Curve has finally realized the dream of becoming a private school and changed our name: Pacific Learning Academy. Tutoring will continue to be a major part of our services, but the ability to work with our students in a private or shared class brings the flexibility of homeschool and the rigor of private school to your kitchen table.

I’ve rarely shared this story, but in 1978 I was severely burned in an accident in my school classroom. While I recovered in the hospital, and later at home, a private teacher met with me for less than an hour a day to help me “keep up” with my classmates. After a month with the private teacher, I was acing quizzes, getting all A’s, and trying to remember why anyone bothered with school in the first place! The one-on-one help just made everything easier, faster, more efficient, and more fun.

Now, 33 years later, the magic of Education by Design continues to inspire me. At Pacific Learning Academy, we can connect our students with the material in a way made almost impossible in the classroom. We can go faster, or slower when needed, adjust the curriculum to allow for interest and potential, and finish an entire year’s class in as little as 50 hours.

For me, it took a classroom accident to open my eyes to the possibilities, and a lifetime of teaching to realize the dream of my own private school. Pacific Learning Academy was built for you, your child, and the chance to experience our Education by Design!

Contact us for more information on how PLA can become an option for your family!


November 1, 2011

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