What’s the Point of Summer Tutoring?

Summer is a time of rest, rejuvenation, and enjoying the elusive sunlight on the Pacific Northwest. Tutoring provides students with a solid foundation for future success. Combining Summer Fun with Summer Tutoring is the best of both worlds!

Starting from scratch in September can be stressful for middle and high school students, especially those that might have struggled this year, or that are taking a challenging course in the fall. Although most teachers start the year with a review, it’s not long enough to make up for the “summer slide,” and students already on the edge can tip precariously over when the class moves on to new material.

High-achieving students can face the same challenges as students who have struggled. Jumping into the next level of Math or a Foreign Language can feel overwhelming in the fall, especially if a student is already taking a number of Honors, AP, or IB classes.

The Learning Curve is open year-round and specializes in 1-on-1, shared, and small (3 student) learning groups. From Spanish review to Calculus preview, we can custom-design the program that makes sense for students seeking to avoid a Summer brain drain, or Fall foreboding. In addition to reinforcing what a student has already learned, our students find “previews” of the new material they’ll see in September especially beneficial.

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March 16, 2011

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