Busting Some SAT/ACT Myths with Jenni Butz

If you have the right information and preparation, the SAT/ACT don’t have to be scary. In the video below, Jenni Butz discusses some common SAT/ACT myths and how you can prepare to meet the challenge.

  1. If you don’t like your score, take it again! The test is given nationwide almost every month and college admissions are used to seeing more than one test on an application.
  2. If you have the right preparation and support, your experience will be much less stressful.
  3. The SAT is scored out of 2400 points and is based on logic and reasoning, so strategy is very important. The content areas consist of reading, writing, and math.
  4. The ACT is scored out of 36 points and the content is more representative of typical high school curriculum. The content areas include math, reading, writing, and a dedicated science section.
  5. You can determine which test is the best fit for you! Pacific Learning Academy offers the SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test which will accurately tell you which exam you will perform better on and the specific content areas that you need help with.

Contact Pacific Learning Academy today to get personalized SAT/ACT tutoring for your child and sign up for the SAT/ACT Diagnostic.

April 3, 2014
Pacific Learning Academy

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