Does Your Service Provider Pass the Grandma Test?

If it’s good enough for your Grandma, it’s good enough for me.
A few years ago, when I was President of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce, I met Connie Marshall, then Mayor of Bellevue. I had a question about how small chambers might thrive among the “big boys.” She pulled out her Blackberry and gave me the perfect person to contact. A year later, I helped the Chamber double and triple their membership. Connie Marshall was my “Connector” (a la Malcom Gladwell).

Ever since then, I’ve prided myself on being able to recommend the BEST person for the RIGHT situation. My company guarantees 100% Satisfaction and I demand the same from everyone else! Need a landscape designer? I have a name for you. An electrician, painter, IT Computer fix-it guru? Yes, I 100% believe you will love the person I tell you about. I ONLY recommend people who have passed “The Grandma Test.” You know – if your grandma was asking, it’s the person that you would recommend.

Now I’m asking you to be my Connector. Here are the categories of peope I want to know about. Do they pass your Grandma Test? Please ONLY tell me about those you love on the Eastside – and please include their website if you have it.

{**UPDATE: I’ve been getting some great ideas via email and have added names in Bold Italics as they come!}

1.Handyman Service – James Colver
2.Event Planner – Kristin Schleyer
3.Therapist/Family Counselor – Dr. Maria Elena Lara
4.Personal Assistant Service- Annie Kurz (Integration Counseling)
6.Caterer – Green Apple Events, Lisa DuPar, Lake Street Catering
7.Wedding Planner – Jan Flagg (Greatest of Days)
8.Carpet Cleaner – Ron Musgrave (Revive Carpet Cleaners)
9.Dentist (I know a great Natural Dentist) plus Tony McLoughlin & Jeff Stonbreaker
10.Physical Therapist
11.College Placement Counselor – Glen Baron, Michelle Alten Kaeler
12.Roofing Company

I look forward to hearing from you here (please comment) or you can email me directly at Kirsten (at) TLCeducation.org! Learn more about what TLC can do for your family at www.TLCeducation.org.

April 4, 2011
Pacific Learning Academy